Volk SE37k - 18x9.5+12

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Super rare and long since discontinued GTR spec SE37ks in original bronze finish! This set was made in 2000! The SE37k was the lightest wheel on the time, lighter than the TE37 and CE28. 

The 9.5 +12 spec has the best face and lip design of the model. I've been looking for a while and this is one of the nicest sets I've ever seen.


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Make: Rays / Volk Racing
Model: SE37k
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3
Diameter: 18in
Front Width: 9.5in
Front Offset: 12mm
Rear Width: 9.5in
Rear Offset: 12mm
Color: OG Bronze
Quantity: 4
Condition: They are in very very good condition for being 23 years old. 2 of the wheels are in perfect condition. 1 wheel has a couple few small marks on the lip. 1 wheel has a few larger marks on the lips. The barrels are super clean. All 4 barrel stickers are intact. This set of 4 all came from the same batch in 2000.