Volk RE30 - 18x9.5+42 *Set of 3*

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*Only have 3 wheels* Use as a pair and get one spare wheel.

Rare and discontinued spec. Face 1 and Lip L. Normally the L lip is reserved for lower offsets. But this spec brings the large lip to the high offset making it perfect for rear S2k of front NSX.

Includes Rays Flat center caps 


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Make: Rays / Volk Racing
Model: RE30
Bolt Pattern: 5x11.43
Diameter: 18in
Width: 9.5in
Offset: 42mm
Color: NS - Mercury Silver
Quantity: 3
Condition: Good condition. Minor imperfection like rock chips and marks from tire changes. Minor curb rash. One wheel inner lip slightly worn down (maybe too close to strut at some point? Doesn't effect anything but want to mention it)