Volk 5/4S - 14x6

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Maybe the weirdest yet coolest Rays wheels ever made? 5 spokes on the drive axle, 4 spokes on the non drive axle. Period correct, from the 80s. White with original finish and stickers.

Barrel stickers read

S.63.12.14 = Showa era 63 = 1988 

H.1.2.22 = Heisei era 1 = 1989


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Make: Rays / Volk Racing
Model: 5/4S
Bolt Pattern: 4x100
Diameter: 14in
Front Width: 6in
Front Offset: 40mm
Rear Width: 6in
Rear Offset: 40mm
Color: White
Quantity: 4
Condition: Decent condition. Some touch ups, paint chips, and paint scratched off on the barrels where wheel weight was removed.